What is Volkswagen Electric Vehicle Strategy?

electric car

“The future of the car is electric,” statement became popular in 2010 but the world still witnessed the use of combustion engines for the next decade. In the 2010 VW annual report, the group acknowledged that carbon-neutral mobility is the future. Nine years later, the group focussed on its “Together Strategy” that aimed at making it more energy-efficient, innovative, and sustainable. Today, Volkswagen’s electric vehicle strategy is known as “Together 2025+”.

Volkswagen group plans to shape future mobility by introducing electric vehicles with electric drives, digital connectivity, and autonomous driving.

Electric vehicles are quieter, safer, and environment-friendly. So how has Volkswagen set its Electric Vehicle Strategy?

Volkswagen unveiled details about its Strategy 2025+ business plan, describing its vision across Audi, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, and Volkswagen.

The Strategy

The group is hoping to achieve an Electric Vehicle future by investing in electrification by launching over 30 electric models by 2025. According to the strategy, the new electric vehicles will use more efficient battery technology than the current models.

The new models will include electrified versions of petrol or diesel cars and standalone vehicles.

Battery Boom

Volkswagen expects to have over 300 gigawatt-hours’ worth of battery cells to produce three million electric cars in four years. To meet this demand, the group aims at establishing partnerships in China, the USA, and across Europe to work with their current battery supplies that is just enough for 2021.

Volkswagen has therefore come up with the department dubbed “Center of Excellence,” which is responsible for the development and procurement of quality battery cells.

In 2019, the department came into a joint venture with Northvolt AB and plans to invest VW’s €900 million to build a 16GWh battery cell factory in Salzgitter, Germany.

The production is expected to begin at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

Autonomous Driving

A further leap into the future sees more focus on autonomous driving technology. The group will develop its unique self-driving system and along with the battery development, the group’s investment in future technologies will pass the€10bn mark.

 The strategy 2025 revealed that the group has already invested $300 million in Gett with expectations to continue with the plans of working on in-house autonomous ‘Robo taxis’

A Bright Future?

In the next four years alone,  €60 billion will be invested in future technologies, €33 billion of which is set for e-mobility, and more than €14 billion for digitalization.


The next decade will determine how worth Volkswagen’s massive leap of faith into the future will be. With huge investments in technology and inventions, the answer to Electronic Vehicle development could be nearing. What we know is that for this to happen, Volkswagen has to commit to its strategy fully.

Car Innovation from Washington DC.


Washington’s love for cars!

Washingtonians are car lovers and, the city itself is tectonic. Wherever you turn, you can find cars on every corner of the streets of Washington Dc. Most maximum of the Washington Dc region enjoys and owns cars to get around each day. They never stop getting dragged towards automobiles evolutions despite the fact of growing traffic. Transportation in Dc is much easier than we think. They have plenty of transit options still, cars are the preferred ones. The people have a deep dependency on automobiles. A clear majority of area residents (85 percent) use their own cars every day to get around, a big contrast to other transportation altogether 61 percent say they use Uber, Lyft, or similar transportation services through automobiles. Cars are the superior transportation in Washington DC remains the active automobile consumer.

The most extensive car market in the country!

Washington is the sixth-largest car market in the whole country. They love Asian brands better than the middle part of the country. Consequently, Toyota and Honda are the best traders in Washington, estimating for the areas’ six most popular cars. It is the fifth-largest market for Toyota and has the greatest electric car market was opened. Washingtonians have a healthy appetite for Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and Honda Civic ranks no.1 in Washington. “The Japanese companies Toyota and Honda are the best sellers everywhere but well-loved in Washington,” says IHS analyst Tom Libby. Tesla s is growing to be the big market in Washington since electric cars have left an immense impact on people.

Washington Auto show:

Washington’s Annual Local Auto show is the largest in North America international auto show in Detroit (NAIAS) and is seldom called as DC Auto show. It was started in 1921 by a group of 20 Washington area car dealers and distributors. This event is evolved to showcase the most comprehensive innovation in sustainable automotive technologies.

This Washington Auto show combines cutting-edge exhibits, the most advanced model cars and, a display of historic vehicles. This is the largest public show in Washington DC and loved by many Washingtonians. The show displays more than 700 new model cars from over 42 manufactures. These shows include the art of motion, which is to showcase the artistic approach to automobiles. They hire the best painting service like Signature House painters in Washington Dc to display the cars painted live as level family entertainment and very popular in the area.

Direct costs including the cost of buying or leasing a vehicle, depreciation, maintenance, insurance, fuel, parking, toll costs, and taxes comprise $ 9. 407 in DC. We are, for occurrence, the fifth-largest market for the Toyota Prius hybrid. Tesla, the electric-car maker, opened a showroom in DC, on K Street near Mount Vernon Square. Still, Libby notes that Washingtonians are not interested in buying many hybrids as citizens of West Coast centres do.

Automobiles Dealers in Washington Dc;

  • Luxury Auto Imports
  • Virginia Auto Traders co
  • H&R Auto
  • Japan Auto Service
  • W B M of Arlington
  • Porsche of Arlington
  • Koons Arlington Toyota
  • Audi Arlington
  • Alexandria Toyota Scion
  • Arlington Auto Group
  • Eagle Auto motives
  • Alexandria Volkswagen
  • Brown’s Arlington Honda
  • Mercedes-Benz-Arlington
  • Merlex Auto Group
  • Alexandria Hyundai Genesis
  • Volvo Cars of Alexandria
  • Lindsay Cadillac
  • Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria
  • Drive time Marlow Heights
  • Eastern Automative Group of Temple Hills
  • Global Auto Outlets
  • Radley Acura
  • Mid Atlantic Truck centre
  • Land Rover Alexandria

Technology behind Electric Automobiles


                          Electric Vehicles!.  Yes…Cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, helicopters and even ships are slowly upgrading with new electronic features. As the days goes by, innovations are reaching its height as fast as the lightening! people are keen to Electronic devices which makes their lives easier. Especially, Electronic vehicles are something that is revolutionary in the field of Transportation but, soon people became familiar with these when the countries like united states, china and Europe led the electric vehicles sales in 2018. By 2019 the sales of electric cars reached 2.1 million and china remained the top of EV market with 2.3 million active electric vehicles. According to data global sales of electric cars accounted for 2.6 % and 1% for global car storage stock in 2019 registered 40% of annual increase. In 2020 alone 5% of the sales has increased which means 1.5 million people have bought electric automobiles. But, still it’s only a tiny fraction of the world’s automobiles as a whole. The charging infrastructures as an important source to the electric automobiles, the world needs to be willing to provide more systematic transitions. There is 50- 80% of chance for the electric cars to be more functional vehicle but, the problem is they are further expensive than the conventional Gasoline cars. The experts predict that within five years the cost of an electric cars may cost equal to the petrol driven vehicles. However, by 2030 these electric automobiles may become the most used transportation of the world inasmuch as many leading automobile companies deliberately working on the future of Electronic cars.

 Technology which works behind these advanced automobiles!

                  Electronic Automobiles contains one or more electric motors which stores energy in rechargeable batteries. Since we are running out of sources for fuel our vehicles, most of the technicians and companies have moved forward to the electric car manufactures. The basic principle of electric cars is the Alternative current. All the credits have to go to Nicola Tesla who had invented the alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology.

             Most of the electric cars convert the direct current electricity from the batteries in an alternating current. Basically, electric cars don’t have an internal combustion engine like gas- powered vehicles do. These electric cars do not consist big batteries in front of the car, all the electric cars use their space slightly in a different way. It only made up of 7,000 Lithium-Ion batteries which sits under the flooring. The pack of Lithium-Ion cells similar to those we use in our everyday life. These cells are connected in a combination of series and parallel to produce power requires to run your car. This has longer lifespan and higher power density which is ideal for powering on vehicle and these cars contains coolant running between them to prevent overheating. 

Who controls this power structure?

                  The Inverter at the back is the main part that does the job of converting DC into AC altogether provides power to the engine. The induction motor is also at the place it takes the alternative current from the inverter and creates a rotating magnetic field that cause the motor to turn. Let us know what is electric current at first! Its sure that those who know physics well might know this too!  an electric current is the movement of an electric charge that carries electrons. Basically, an engine can be powered by DC that means electrons flows in one direction. The electrons move from alternative current periodically and consistently change directions. This is what happens in all our electronic home appliances.

                 These electric cars have synchronized vehicle mechanism. The induction motor has two parts that is the stator and Rotor. The rotor is simply a collection of conducting bars short circuited by end rings. It produces a three phase AC power to stator. The three-phase alternative current in the coils produces magnetic field. This rotating magnetic field induce current on the rotor bars to make it turn. Electric cars are automatic, they do not have gearbox or lever. The single speed transmission spends power from the induction motor to wheels. The induction motor always logs behind the RMF, and it is robust and powerful. Its speed depends on the frequency of the AC power supply.   The single speed transmission spends power from the induction motor to the wheels. This way the electrical motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy, and this turns the wheel. By varying the frequency of power supply, we will be able to alter the drive wheel speed, it makes the electric car speed control easy. Motor supply from variable frequency drives turns to control motor speed. Motor speed can Range from 0-18,000 RPM. It is advanced than internal combustion cars.

The Induction motor:

          Induction motor will work efficiently in any speed range. Thus, no speed varying transmission is needed for an electric car. The power output of an internal combustion motors engine always uneven, whereas induction motors offers different rotational motion and uniform power output. So, induction motors are considered to be the superior vehicle motors.

Battery saving modes:

         When you accelerate while driving, the car uses more energy, but when we break it the energy is being transformed into electricity through induction motors, it travels back to the battery pack and getting stored in favorable to use later. Power from battery pack produces DC power and before supply, it needs to be converted into AC, and inverter converts it and also controls the motor speed. The inverter acts as the brain of the electric cars. In battery pack the Glycol coolant passes through the metallic inner tubes there in the gab sells, this is particular in Tesla modes S. These are arranged as detachable modules. Glycol is coiling down by passing through the radiators at the front of the vehicle.  Low high battery pack makes the car center of the gravity and improves the stability of the car.

Electric Car Engine

How we charge these electric cars?

         These can be charged at home which uses an outlet of 120 volts charged per hour and runs up to 2.5 miles. Electric vehicle supply equipment has a higher voltage which is 220- 240 volts to add 10-25 miles per hour of charging. Direct current charging stations are the most efficient one to add 80% of the car’s battery in less than a half an hour.

                  These noises free, pollution free and highly performed electric automobiles are cheaper to maintain but we cannot deny the fact that they are highly expensive to possess. More than anything the battery pack is the most expensive component.

               We never know, within next 5-10 years we all might use these electric cars and it is always good to know about the things we use. They save our money also it’ll be great help to environment. These are pollution free vehicles and also reduce emission. Since it is a renewable source it is better than fueling switch gasoline. Electric cars are much safer than internal combustion cars. Most of these cars of 8 years of warranty. The world is moving forward many electric powered vehicles sooner or latter many countries would adapt the electric car transportation’s as a prime and we may be traveling in these super energetic vehicles.

Cars of the future (2030)


Everything has become self-spontaneous in this technological world, and cars are no exception. Self-driving cars are going to be a massive change which is beyond human imagination, it might change the whole process of transportation of people. Over the decade the use of programed vehicles has increased from 600 to 30,000. we rarely saw automatic cars and now all the car companies are deciding the future of cars to make them regulate everything on its own just by pushing the button. Even trying innovate the cars that could fly.

Rest behind the wheels!

According to statistics 1.4 billion conventional cars are on the road and some people have already moved forward to self-driving cars. Ultimately cars are the most flexible transportation vehicle therefore, approximately 95 million people has been provided with the car as their own carriage till 2020 and by 2030 everything might come under the technology of driver-less cars regarding automobile business. I suppose that our future rides will be only on self-driving cars, the innovations are absolutely admirable, let us dig more about the cars which are going to be our Cinderella pumpkin carriages!

Autonomous Cars

The self- driving cars are fully manual and fully automated. These are specially invented for the relaxation purpose while driving. The driver can easily concentrate on some other works while the car is still running. There is no effort we have to put for the function of these driver-less cars, they are totally computerized and need no direction to safely carry you to your destination. Companies like Buick, GMC, Chevrolet have introduced 4G LTE wi-fi hot-spots to be always connected on the road. And companies like Ford and Infiniti have come with the sensors and cameras that could show not only a back of the road but around your car for the safety precaution. These ultra – modern technology of the cars provides you with automatic trunk opening process to help while your hands are filled with baggage. For comfortable seating as an advanced technology NASA and Nissan together develops “Zero gravity” seats to keep you away from cramps and other body pains. These cars have massage modes that can keep relaxed, Mercedes Benz has introduced six massaging modes. Light aluminum makes the car durable and easy to handle.

Alerting Sensors

More than anything the autonomous cars holds the capability of alert giving sensors. when we are about occur any accidents, these sensors shake or shudders our seats and provides speech synthesizers from the updated to alert us. They also have Gas efficient engines, best GPS system to take us the place without our direction. The windows have the ability to clean instinctively and the wiper blades are can preheat and melt the snows on the windshield, and efficiently clears the water that forms on the surface while raining. The sensors can recognize the traffic signals and acts according to the light changes.

The automatic cars have the feature of safe and protective sunroofs that allows us to view whatever we want without getting affected by UV rays. It makes it easier to access our mobile phones or tablets by connecting them to the software of these super cars. The aforesaid cars have automatic engine to save the gas and warns us to stop in the dangerous directions. The headlights of the car comfort the others on the road in order to have a safe ride.

Unmanned Automobiles:

These autonomous cars are specially designed to save time and energy of human race. With the data and inputs these vehicles can behave on their own and provides comfortable and safe drive, humans need not to have any control over it. The Innovators also works with the aesthetic view on machines and these crazy electronic automobiles are almost an Aladdin’s magic carpet, they fly on the roads also expected to fly on the sky as soon as possible as the technicians are very curious. Sensors and specially designed software controls, navigates and drives the vehicle. These driver-less cars are combines radar, sonar, GPS, odometer and inertial measurement units. The self-driving cars are consistent with everything like different weathers, place, surface and time.